To become a member of the Hempstead Harbor Aeromodelers Society,
HHAMS, and fly at the Town of North Hempstead Aerodrome, please follow the steps as listed below. The HHAMS flying club is responsible for the oversight and operation of the Aerodrome. Members are available to assist you in the membership process anywhere along the way and will gladly answer questions as needed.


Join the ACADEMY OF MODEL AERONAUTICS which can easily be done online. A paper application is also available if you wish to send in a hard copy. The cost is 
$75.00, (free for 18 and under, $65.00 for 65 or older). Membership entitles you to insurance as well as the AMA's monthly publication, "Model Aviation" as well as many other services and sources of information.



Join the HHAMS CLUB. Obtain an application at the field or online and follow the directions for completion. Forward to the address provided with a membership fee of $120.00 for first-year members, ( $90.00 thereafter), along with a copy of your AMA card and number. Once this is received you will be forwarded a HHAMS
Membership card along with directions for the final step.


Register with the Town of North Hempstead to receive your Town Flying Permit/Photo ID. You will be provided with directions on where to register, cost and other items needed, (License, indemnity form, etc.), as stated in item # 2.

  As stated elsewhere, flying lessons are free!